Soft and Breathable Recliner Cover with Pockets

Soft and Breathable Recliner Cover with Pockets – $14

You love your recliner as it is but it could stand to be a little more comfy cozy. Place this Soft & Breathable Recliner Cover over it to transform it into something snuggly. This cover is made with breathable polyester-style fleece and includes easy access pockets for items like your remote, tablets, phone, books, and more! Plus, it’s machine washable so if it gets a tad dirty you can just toss it in the washing machine! Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and take a niiiice long nap in your upgrade chair!Size guide

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Thermogear Shoe Heated Dryer

Thermogear Shoe Heated Dryer – $39

How to Use? Put shoes dryer on a flat dry surface and plug into a wall source. DO NOT USE ANY EXTENSION CORDS WHEN USING THIS PRODUCT. Push the release button to allow the bracket arms to be in the upright position. You can further extend the ends of the brackets by pulling. Put shoes or gloves on the bracket. Set the dryer time by by turning the timer knob clockwise. It has an auto-off feature that will stop the operation after the timer is finished. Extend the run time as necessary by a few minutes and check until dry. Push back the release button to push down the brackets for storage. Unplug after use. If for any reason that you smell burning or a malfunction, Unplug from the wall immediately. Do not try to repair or fix the unit.

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Tools of the Trade 8

Tools of the Trade 8 – $7.99

Shop Tools of the Trade 8, 9 & 11 Fry Pan Set, Created for Macy’s, online at A tried & trusted trio. With a size for every meal & recipe, this fry pan set readies your kitchen for the gourmet road ahead. From nonstick interiors for low-fat cooking to aluminum constructions for long-lasting durability to riveted handles for strength & stability, these pans bring a do-it-all attitude to your space.

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Hollywood Mid-Century Biscuit Tufted Click Sofa

Hollywood Mid-Century Biscuit Tufted Click Sofa – $295

Whether you’re bringing a bit of understated appeal to your loft-worthy look or leaning into a midcentury modern aesthetic in your well-curated living room, this eye-catching and stylish sofa brings a bit of effortless sophistication and elegance to your environment. Featuring a boxy design set on splayed wood legs, this sofa brings a classic, turn-of-the-century twist to the space, with its grey polyester upholstery, grid-tufted back, and boxy bolster pillows offer up little dashes of definition and character to the piece. Add it to your living room with a cozy wool throw tossed over the back to create a comfy and welcoming seat for family and friends to lounge, or let it sit in the home office to take a breather from weekend work projects.

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